Chickasaw Personal Communications - Services

Chickasaw Personal Communications offers a number of radio tower services, including

  1. Structural Modifications. Modify tower by replacing structural components or add half pipes to main structural supports and various other types of engineer-approved modifications.
  2. Tower Decommissioning. Remove equipment off tower. Take the tower completely down and restoring the property to the condition it was prior to the tower being erected.
  3. Replace existing/install new equipment. Remote Radio Units, Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA), antennas, dishes, lines, lights per FAA regulations, and structural components.
  4. Tower Safety Inspection. Inspect tower for loose or missing bolts, damaged structural members, and maintenance issues needed to be addressed (TIA Issues). General site maintenance issues as well.
  5. Guy Tower Plumb and Tension. Check plumb of tower. Check tension of guy wires and adjust as needed.
  6. Guy Wire Replacement. Replace existing guy wires with new guy wires and hardware.
  7. Preconstruction Inspections. Inspect and measure tower for proposed additions and modifications.
  8. Site Audits. Document and photograph all aspects of tower site, including but not limited to, antennas, lines, elevations, grounding, shelter, and cabinets.


FCC Licensing

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We work closely with a licensed frequency coordinator so we can take care of ALL your FCC licensing requirements. We can assist you with new applications, renewals, relocations and modifications. In January 2013, the FCC implemented new requirements that mandated all VHF and UHF licensees make use of narrowband channels. This required some businesses to purchase new equipment, while others had us simply modify their equipment. A license modification is required to show that this was done. If you aren't sure you have completed these narrowbanding requirements, simply contact us and we’ll let you know. The FCC is enforcing this new requirement by not allowing you to renew your license unless your equipment is narrowband compliant. They could also fine operators of noncompliant systems. FCC licenses are typically good for 10 years. Each license has an expiration date on it. If you have an expiration coming up within the next few months, let us know and we will take care of all the paperwork. Did you get a letter notifying you of an upcoming FCC expiration on one of your licenses? If so, contact us or send us a quick email. Several licensing companies send notifications like this several months before an application could even be processed by the FCC.